brigit's personal statement

“Nature is perfect, you can’t improve on nature you can just change things around.”[1]

DSC09541 - web (1024x683).jpgMy arts practice evolves around the study of elements in the natural world. I am inspired by the fragments within the landscape that I have observed. 

The shapes used in my work are the basic forms that occur in nature. I attempt to create an element of surprise and a link between urban living and the natural environment. Natural materials play an important role within my arts practice. I manipulate natural resources and  industrially prepared materials to explore their possibilities. 

Sourcing materials is an integral part of my artistic process. For environmental reasons I often use found materials, materials that have a previous “life” and history attached to it. Materials provoke an a concept while the process of manipulation and “making” leads on to a final artwork. 

Working methods that I apply during my arts practice are often labor intensive. Frequently, I work in multiples to create installations, with each element containing slight variations. Weaving, stacking and carving are some of the methods used to create tactile and textured surfaces. 

My works represent a visual collection of experiences, present interests and aspirations for the future. 


[1] Urs-P.Twellmann-unterwegs, Steffan Biffiger p.9, Staempfli Verlag